Travel Goals (school project)

As you might know, I just visited Boa Vista. It was the first time I went to Africa. Since I love making photos, I want to visit the world. There are a couple of islands, and countries that are beautiful and a must-see for a photographer.


Happy List (school project)

Being happy, something that has a different meaning to everyone. One can be very happy with nothing, but just love from friends and family. The other won't be happy until he/she has everything, is rich etc. Being happy for me means to do the things I love, with people that I care about and who make me happy. There's nothing better than that.


Photography (school project)

Ever since I was young, I have been busy with photography. Stole my parents' camera a couple of times, even made pictures with my nintendo, which as u can guess, had real bad quality. Also edited those pictures, with hearts, crazy color effect etc... In 2014 I bought my own DSLR, which I still use. (Saving for a new one tho, since I'm even more into it now, gotta make sure I have the best quality)
Lately I've been discovering my style (what kind of pictures I make, what effect, what vibe I want to give people with my photos etc).


Cape Verde - Boa Vista (school project)

Being away from everything, school, the Netherlands and stress seemed like a great idea. So did my parents think. A couple weeks ago my parents booked a trip to Cape Verde. We asked a couple days off of school, my school said yes, and I started counting down the days. The days flew by and before I knew it, I was under the sun, featuring a blue sea.


5 Tips On How To Stay Organized (school project)

Last year my bag and agenda were a mess. I had a messy room, I forgot my agenda, and I lost the papers school gave me. {Don't worry, I always find them again} This year, I got a lil more experience on how to stay organized. I made a list with some tips for you, so you can be organized and ready for school!
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